Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wellness Plan?

Wellness Plans provide annual preventive care.  This includes all physical exams, vaccinations, blood work, dental care, and more.  They do not include treatment for illness or other conditions, however, the diagnostics and treatments are discounted!  Since pets need ongoing preventive care, wellness plans automatically renew each year.

What is the difference between wellness plans and insurance?

It is a preventative care plan, with a focus on preventative bundled services and discounts on products and services not included in the bundle. It does offer unlimited office visits which can be used for sick pets, but if additional care is necessary you will receive a discount on those additional services.  Insurance is for unforeseen circumstances.  Our goal is to prevent those problems.

Can you upgrade or downgrade your plan?

In most situations, if you and your veterinary team determine a different plan is more appropriate, we can conveniently upgrade or downgrade at the time of renewal.  There are circumstances where your pet may need additional services on a higher plan, we can upgrade at any time.  Usually, if you want to downgrade your plan before your current plan is over, you may want to wait until renewal if services have been rendered.  Remember, with either an upgrade or downgrade, it stops your current plan and starts a new annual plan.

How much and what is included in each plan?

Refer to Wellness Plan Comparison sheet of the brochures.

What are the benefits of the wellness plans?

Wellness plans are an easier way to manage your pet’s healthcare and manage costs associated with annual, essential preventive care. Removing the barrier to care, all plans include unlimited office visits and physical exams.  This provides you with peace of mind by having your pet seen by the veterinarian at the first signs of medical concerns and not wait for those little problems to become major ones.

Can I see the same veterinarian?

Absolutely, we would love to assign you to a primary care provider and ensure your appointments are scheduled with both yours and the doctor’s availability.

Can I use my wellness plan at any Pet Paradise?

Your wellness plan is good at any Pet Paradise Wellness Clinic. Please note that not all Pet Paradise Resorts currently have veterinary services.

How long is the Wellness Plan term and how do I cancel if needed?

Each wellness plan is a 1-year partnership. It automatically renews each year for your convenience. Wellness plan services are provided at significant discounts.  Although agreements may be cancelled at any time, services may have already been performed but not paid for under the monthly agreement.  The client is responsible for either the remaining monthly payments or retail value of services rendered.

What are the discounts for each wellness plan on services that are not included?

Core 5%, Vital 10%, Premium 15%

I have multiple pets. Do I receive a discount on the membership fees?

Yes, you receive $15 off the membership fee for each additional pet you enroll on a wellness plan.

How do I pay for the Wellness Plan?

For your convenience, we do allow for monthly auto debits. If you prefer to pay your plan in full, you are welcome to do so as well.  There are no additional fees for spreading your payments out throughout the year.